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Tesla electric car 2018

Tesla Motors has presented its Tesla Model 3, one of the most anticipated cars that already has more than 130,000 reservations before even knowing him. The expectation was maximum. In the US have formed long queues to get one, and that will not start producing until 2017 (Europe will arrive in 2018), as announced by the CEO of the company Elon Musk.La version with all-wheel drive (75D) It has an autonomy of 490 km (NEDC) and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds, while the model with the 90 kWh battery has total traction and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds with a autonomy of 557 km.The version of 100 kWh enjoys 632 km of autonomy, as well as an acceleration in 4.4 seconds, while the P100D reaches up to 613 km and is catapulted in only 2.7 seconds. On this occasion, We were able to drive a Tesla Model S 100D in a short contact between Barcelona and Baqueira due to the presence in the ski resort of the Tesla On Tour. Not only did it allow us to try one of the most interesting cars of the last decades, but to experience first-hand what it is like to travel with a Tesla. Spoiler alert: it’s like with any other car. RechargeWe are in an electric car and it is necessary to talk about how to recharge the battery. Model S can be charged in all types of plugs. We have 4 options: at home, at public charging points (where you usually need a card depending on the public or private network) and on the 2 cargo networks that Tesla is building (the aforementioned Superchargers and the so-called Cargo at Destination):

The first option to use on a day-to-day basis: the daily load at home or at work for daily use. A normal plug, where we charge the mobile, charges around 150 kilometers during the night (8 hours): just for the daily use of a vehicle. But the logical thing is to acquire a fast Tesla charger to place it in the garage: it charges up to 80 km per hour and allows you to have the car loaded to the fullest every morning if you need it. Driving Sensations
We approach our Tesla with the key in our pocket. Do not do anything, just open the door and sit down. Devoid of the transmission tunnel and gearbox, it offers an interior space that allows to widely accommodate five adults, with absolute comfort. To this we add two porters that allow you to carry everything your occupants need, with 750 liters the rear and 59.5 the front. In addition, the manufacturers recommend not to let it empty completely or recharge it entirely. In the case of the Tesla, the driver can choose what proportion of the battery is left uncharged for greater durability in the future.

That said, indicate that these fluctuations can be greater if you take advantage of the enormous potential offered by the double engine of 100D.And the one that can be free to prove it will throw the first stone. Because if something has this car, it’s security.
You do not need attachments like the launch control that some sports ride to get a blazing acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h. The differentiating details also continue with the control of the vehicle, which has the form of Tesla “mini”. With it you can open and close doors as in other vehicles.


What also makes it look unique is that when we access its interior, in addition to its huge 17-inch central screen, there is no start button. Just operate the lever of the automatic transmission and the car is already running.The silence, yes, is the same as in the rest of electrical: absolute. The only thing that the occupants will perceive is the rolling noise or the wind in the body of this electric sports car.In 2017, the brand officially arrived in Spain with the opening of its first Service Center in the country in Barcelona and, since then, it has been working to make traveling everywhere possible by expanding its network of superchargers, which already cover the main routes from the country. In total there are 21 operating stations with 162 supercharging points and there are projected 15 more stations to open this year, although the data is subject to change. Aesthetically it differs from any supercar, since, according to the description of the brand, the Model S is a high-end electric saloon, not a supercar. The benefits are just another argument to try to convince possible undecided, as it is also its autonomy and equipment. Although Tesla will provide its new battery with a capacity of 100 kW, the company will continue to seek improvements in its technology to increase the autonomy in the future. Part of these improvements will become a reality in the company’s new factory, in Nevada, where, together with Panasonic, Tesla has already started the production of the improved 2170 cells. Now, your first explanations are not much use either as I am literally obnubilado with the beautiful design of the Model S and that it is already fully closed night and just the lights of the streetlights go through the curves of its aluminum body in which I quickly find fleeting reminiscences of the Aston Martin Rapide or the Jaguar XF. Of course, Tesla could not choose better to be inspired by the design of his electric super-line, which draws attention to it wherever it goes.

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