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gadgets for the kitchen

That moment when you decide to prepare something out of the ordinary in the kitchen can be scary, especially if you have experience is to make yourself a pizza or noodle soup, rather than gourmet dishes. Fortunately, there are companies that have brought to the market products that make it easier for you to prepare your food and address safety concerns with detailed instructions. The arrival of kitchen robots has made the kitchen much easier for many, but besides these devices, we can find another series of interesting gadgets that have been conceived to allow us to make our tasks much easier. In addition to helping us in the preparation of food easier and faster, these gadgets are attractive to the eyes and complete the design of any modern kitchen. What are the benefits?
This defroster plate defrosts food in a range of 30 to 60 minutes in a natural way. Unfreezepad accelerates the defrosting process of food without the need for electricity, because thanks to its properties of thermal superconductivity of its non-stick metal, this plate is able to absorb the heat from the environment and transfer it directly to the food.
Yes, the Smart Home will become fashionable. There is no longer talk of “domotica” but of sensors, “arduinos” and Raspberry Pi, (mini-computers, plates at 10-29 dollars) that will revolutionize homes. Plants that protest when they are thirsty, lights that go out when nothing moves in a room, or alarm that goes off in the bathroom when the paper runs out.This way with the simple fact that there are hot objects on top of it that thermal radiation is converted and saved as electricity that can then be used to charge mobile phones and other gadgets by induction, by simply placing them in the positions indicated by some marks on the table. Hello Egg works with the Eggspert web application to provide you with all the data in the mobile, and works with Artificial Intelligence to answer your kitchen questions. Do you need an urgent vegetarian recipe? Hello Egg provides you with video included. The trick of this tiny countertop robot is behind with a support team of 24 chefs connected 7 days a week. In short, you should only specify if you need a special diet (vegan, lactose free or for coeliacs).

Mixing rodsIt is a compact and colorful design based on a pack of straws and that allows to mix any type of product in a more homogeneous way to what is done using traditional rods.Mini wall induction cooker Gadget designed for those who cook little or have little space. It is placed on the wall and folded once used.

New technologies in gastronomy Kitchen of the future of Whirlpool
I believe that this innovation is the desire of many. An interactive kitchen, which combines all the functions of a conventional kitchen, with social media.
This is possible, because the kitchen is integrated with social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. In addition to video, Skype, etc.
The user experience as you can see in the videos is spectacular, very flexible and adapts to each person.New technologies in gastronomy: Food sensor
How to know if an apple is really free of pesticides? Or that fish have been treated with potentially harmful antibiotics?
Now people who care that their food is pure will no longer have to rely on confusing labels to better understand their products.
The Penguin food sensor measures several traces of chemicals, such as pesticides and acid, as well as antibiotics commonly used to treat meat, poultry and fish. High-tech sensors only need a little food to read and the results are ready in a matter of minutes.

Advanced utensils
Chop-syc is an interactive touch screen with a variety of functions that serves as a chopping board.The prototype, made by designer Siobhan Andrews, won first place in the #GetItDownOnPaper invention competition, funded by Sharp Laboratories of Europe, a technology research organization.The chopping table prototype “Chop-syc” calculates the ingredients according to the number of diners.This tool allows to calculate the weight of the ingredients, propose recipes and adjust the necessary quantities of the products that are needed in the preparation of a dish depending on the number of diners. Also add groceries to the shopping list and make the request to buy them in the supermarket through the internet.

For many people, the kitchen is the center of the house and a place for interactions that go beyond preparing and ingesting food. Now technology companies and appliance manufacturers, who seek to improve their relationship with customers, turn their attention more and more to that place in the home, synonymous with union.
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Brands of household products such as Whirlpool, Samsung and Bosch are competing with technology giants like Google and Amazon to dominate the kitchen with internet-connected appliances and kitchen appliances that include refrigerators with integrated touch screens, smart dishwashers and screens on the bar connected to the internet with artificial intelligence assistants who react when orders are given out loud.

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