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California to require solar panels on most new homes

Pay to take your product is not the best business model, but it is just what is happening with several companies in California.
The signatures of the most populous state in the United States that generate electricity through solar energy are producing so much that they have begun to negotiate with other companies in other states for payments to take surpluses.
The western state government says that these agreements “avoid overloading their own high-voltage lines.” Many energy
In 2015, California’s power plants generated almost 15 times more electricity from solar power sources than they did in 2010, according to the California Energy Commission.

The growth is due in large part to the laws that aim that half of the electricity sold to consumers comes from renewable sources by 2030. If you live in a house of a family
Utility companies offer a service called “Measurementnet of energy “. If you live in a family home, you will be enrolled this service once your PV system is installed.
The net energy measurement allows the company to maintain a record of the electricity you use and how much your PV system generates,so you can get credit for it.
On days when your PV system generates more electricity than you you need, your meter will go back and the additional electricity will return to the net. When this occurs, the company gives you credit for the total value of sale of said electricity. On days when you need more electricity, the company will supply you the additional energy that it requires.This “exchange” between your PV system and the electric company is recorded annually. At the end of the year, you will receive a receipt for the “amount net “of energy that he used that year. * Most companies can Send a monthly receipt if you prefer. See the section “How to It will change your receipt “to know more details.” Fortunately, the sunroof makes sense for the economy of the entire community. Solar energy is so cheap that it pays the owner more than it costs, it becomes a benefit for the builder and makes the houses sell faster, benefiting the real estate agent. Additionally, it creates jobs and supports family businesses, “he said, adding that this new measure helps guarantee a better future for the new generation.

However, commissioner Josh Liebman was the only one who voted “no,” announced to several media that “this will increase the average cost of the house.” Solar energy production is becoming competitive with respect to other energies, that makes it an attractive source for investment, says Ben Moody, president of Pan American Finance.

“Photovoltaic solar energy has a competitive price, both for small installations located on roofs and roofs, as well as for larger ones such as large-scale power plants. In addition, photovoltaic solar power plants are, compared to other renewable technologies, faster and easier to install. As a result, photovoltaic solar energy projects may present less complexity for their financing compared to other renewable technologies. ”

“The text that talks about the impulse to renewable energy is unclear, we will have to wait and see what the secondary laws say. Today, we can not foresee that there will be a boost to renewable energies. ”
But the reduction of costs can give sufficient impulse so that the photovoltaic energy makes way, considers Ben Moody. “In our opinion, considering the continuous reduction in prices, it is very likely that photovoltaic solar energy will reach a large presence and become very important in the Mexican energy sector in the coming years.”

In this also Gustavo Tomé agrees, and affirms that in the short and medium term great opportunities can be presented.

California is the best state in the US for the development of solar energy.
With good aid programs, innovative companies and consumers involved that have helped solar energy to get a stronger foothold than in any other American state. But until now most of the solar energy was only available to the upper-middle classes and the rich, of course, especially due to the high cost of the installation.

It is estimated that by the end of 2016, 1,600 households have obtained free solar energy in their homes thanks to this program. Depending on the area, you can save families between 400 and 1,000 dollars a year in electricity.
Growth was also recorded in 44 of the 50 states, and California is the one that accounts for the highest total number of jobs in this area. The report also found that the industry is diversifying, with a growth in the percentage of workers who are women (from 24% to 28%), Latinos (from 11% to 17%) and African-Americans (from 5% to 7%). between 2015 and 2016.

The solar industry covers a large number of different tasks, which require very different qualifications and skills. Most of the workers are dedicated to the installation of solar panels on roofs and other facilities, but there are also those who work in the development of renewable projects and technologies as well as those in charge of sales and distribution.

But, how is it possible that negative prices are given in electricity? This occurs when there is an excess of renewable energies and, in turn, non-renewable generators also produce energy. And is that the latter do not come to close completely because the costs to restart them are especially high. And of course, the companies do not compensate.

Currently, California represents a big market for the US energy sector, since it is the second state with the most electricity demand (after Texas). That’s why a few years ago they got down to work and decided to invest in renewables. Thanks to this, today they produce almost half of the country’s solar energy.

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