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All the phones and gadgets of MWC 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
The Galaxy S9, of 5.8 inches, and the S9 Plus, of 6.2 inches, have new cameras, a new processor and Android Oreo. Also, correct one of the biggest complaints that aroused the Galaxy S8 (the location of the fingerprint reader). All this in a body that looks very similar to last year’s model.
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The South Korean brand LG introduced CLOi, a small robot that acts as the center of the smart home. You may be asked to modify the air conditioner configuration, the washing machine or obtain a recipe for the smart refrigerator. The brand also announced the ThinQ platform, the seal for home appliances and electronic products that use artificial intelligence (AI). This means that the devices will know the preferences of the users and will modify their configuration according to them. Easy Play

It is a small interactive pet ball developed by the Easy Pet brand. It integrates a camera of 720 p of resolution, microphone and speaker. In turn, it can be operated from the cell phone. In this way it is possible to monitor what happens at home and play with the animal remotely. For now it is known in the technological world as Galaxy S9, although its details are known by dropper thanks to specialized media and more or less controlled by the brand itself. Even with those, you can outline both the final design and the main features. It is obvious to assume that these are mere speculations. The Asian giant presented its latest flagships in independent events. His goal was to capture all the flashes to make a lot of media noise with his presentation. But, what will the Galaxy S9 be like? The few details that have skipped control point to a continuist design. The current S8 was a turning point and an important evolution to bet on reducing the edges of the screens to the minimum expression. A phone concept that has become the totem to pursue in the industry and that has become a trend in the high range. The technology is now sought in all devices, even if they are from home, Samsung has one of the coolers most complete when it comes to isolating and combining odors with a function called Quatrocooling that has an intelligent ventilation and humidity system. Different temperature for different foods that are part of your family.

In 2018 the internet of things will be the trend which means that we can move, manipulate and use the internet technology connected to a mobile device.
– Amazon Fire Stick TV Basic Edition. It is the alternative to the consecrated Chromecast. The difference is that it includes remote control and, unlike running everything from the mobile, it allows you to run different applications on your television just by connecting it to the HDMi port and the Wi-Fi network. In addition to Netflix, HBO or Amazon Video, it has a good handful of games. If you are a Prime member you will have a significant discount and it will cost you 29.90 against the 59.90 that those who are not members must pay.

– Lenovo Tab3 Essential 7. If you are looking for a ‘tablet’ that serves you for the basics, this can be a great option. It has a seven-inch screen with 1024×600 pixel resolution and Mediatek8127 processor, as well as a 1GB of RAM. You can expand the internal memory, from 8 GB by default, to 64. You can find it on several platforms for 79 euros.

This company specialized in electric wheelchairs has just launched the Ci model, ultraportable, lighter and faster (above 8 kilometers per hour) than the previous ones, with a very modern design (and several colors including pink). The chair is equipped with a GPS and bluetooth system to connect with the phone to remotely control the chair or check the level of battery autonomy. At the same time, it has a USB connection to charge the phone and a number of optional accessories to incorporate new features. A social robot disguised as an adorable duckling to help the little ones in their fight against the disease. This is the task of this ingenious gadget that responds to touch, like tickling, dancing, singing and even shows the heartbeat. The little one takes care of him with his own habitual routines like eating, bathing or even receiving chemotherapy or doing breathing exercises to relax. And by adhering different emoji labels (with RFID technology), the child endows him with different moods, a reflection of his feelings. The robot is designed by patients, doctors and other experts. It will be sold at the end of 2018 approximately.

The electric bicycle that recharges other ‘gadgets’

URB-E is a kind of bicycle without pedals completely electric. It is, according to its creators, the lightest and most compact electric vehicle that exists. It has a battery that allows charging smartphones and tablets through USB connectors and is built in carbon fiber and aluminum. This new model is available starting at $ 899.

The $ 25,000 Sony projector He did not enjoy the impact of the first OLED TV of the Japanese company, but this metal box, which weighs 35 kilos, is capable of projecting a 100-inch image at only 15 centimeters from the screen. The projector is capable of playing 4K and HDR content. One of the best options available in the market for the few moviegoers who can afford it.The total immersion projector for video games Proyecto Ariana is the lighting kit that Razer has devised so that the video game exceeds the immersion limits of the monitors. It is a small projector that replicates the scene presented on the screen to set the whole room. It is a more immersive system than the ‘Ambilight’, works in real time and will be integrated into the most popular games. No price or date is known

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